1. [T+048] Scilla & Cariddi
    Valadja Petrescu / 52-Hearts Whale

  2. [T+037] Ritual

  3. [T+036] Atrax Morgue Tribute

  4. [T+035] Electro-Static
    Fukte & Vomir

  5. [T+034] Isolated Asylum
    Negative Climax

  6. [T+033] Blood

  7. [T+032] Senza Parole
    Teatro Satanico

  8. [T+031] Waxine

  9. [T+030] Crescent Psyche
    Gyakusatsu and Nundata

  10. [T+029] Floppylation 1.0

  11. [T+028] Luogo-Etimologia Incerta
    Mare Di Dirac

  12. [T+026] RAM

  13. [T+025] Cycle
    Fukte / Soma

  14. [T+024] Live Action
    Mourmansk 150

  15. [T+023] Manipulations
    Corazzata Valdemone vs. Fukte

  16. [T+022] Eyjafjallajökull

  17. [T+021] The Chronicles Of Ridicule / Fingers Headhache
    Suburban Howl / Arabian Horse

  18. [T+020] Disk Failure
    Fukte & Orgasm Denial

  19. [T+019] 3 Aktions, Dokument 1
    Edgar Allan Fisher Memorial Center

  20. [T+017] H1N1

  21. [T+016] Murder
    Machinamentum Vinctum Tortusve / Voluntary Torture

  22. [T+015] Blood Ritual
    Vo)))id / Catacombs Of Doom

  23. [T+014] Piave 10/2009
    Fabrizio De Bon

  24. [T+013] Insipienta
    Enodia / Tainted Corrosive Mist

  25. [T+012] Pig Sneeze / Naked Landscape
    Krosot / Odal

  26. [T+011] Ammunitions
    Disciplina Urbana / Thorium

  27. [T+010] Danger
    Ptomain / Fukte

  28. [T+009] Hedera Helix
    NRYY / Fukte

  29. [T+008] Insanity Process Through My Heart

  30. [T+007] Longwaves

  31. [T+006] Terror Patterns
    Baader / Dotåbåtå

  32. [T+005] Pure Crystalline Emptiness Of Saturn
    Saturn Form Essence

  33. [T+004] Harshware
    Fukte vs. Kook's CookBook

  34. [T+003] Solve Et Coagula
    Trip/Reset & Flat Affect

  35. [T+002] Rerum Novarum
    Vo)))id / Blackstream

  36. [T+001] Morbus / Beautiful In Chaos
    Fukte / Ezcaton


Toxic Industries Belluno, Italy

Label focused on harsh noise, drone, ambient, experimental and related sounds.
It started in early 2009. During the years, the name Toxic Industries become known worldwide for the passion and the dedication put in each release.
Lots of productions were made for lots of international artists, in cdr, cassette, vinyl and less conventional format such as floppy disk and hard drive.
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